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Mission Statement

Our ethos at Brook Acre Community Primary School is one of success built on inclusion, care and support for all its learners.

At Brook Acre we are working to lay the foundation for life through preparing, encouraging, supporting and respecting our children, their families and the wider community.  Our school is a safe place to learn, grow, make mistakes, be successful, speak out, be an individual, be a team, be part of a strong and proud community - to belong!

We are an exciting, thriving and supportive school, offering a real ‘buzz for learning’.  A dedicated, passionate and united team of staff all have the same drive and determination to secure a successful future for our children.

Our children, their families and our team of committed staff are learning in a safe and happy environment demonstrating high expectations of themselves, of others and of the school on a journey of rapid progress.  An atmosphere of respect and understanding is fostered throughout the school, as we work as a community to provide essential tools for each child to become a respectful and aspiring citizen of the future.

Learn & Be Happy!


School Aims

  • To provide an outstanding school that is proud to be at the heart of the local and surrounding community raising standards of achievement for all pupils;
  • To support each and every child in realising and fulfilling their academic and personal potential;
  • To create empowered and independent individuals who can face and overcome any barriers, with determination and resilience;
  • To cultivate each child’s innate desire to make an impact on their world;
  • To support each individual in becoming self-motivated and self-confident, instilling a curiosity and inquisitiveness within;
  • To enable each individual to make sensible choices regarding their own and other’s safety and the maintenance of a healthy life style;
  • To nurture our children to become inspirational role models in future generations.



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