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Welcome to Foundation Stage 2


Our teacher is Mrs Chidzey

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Whalley and Miss Bennett. 

Mrs Kelly supports speech & language development across the Foundation Stage.

We learn through 7 areas of play including Physical Development, Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Health Education.

The children’s interests and learning preferences will be at the heart of the experiences we provide.

Our class absolutely love maths and are fabulous at problem solving and working as a team. 

All of the children are such good friends and work collaboratively to develop their skills.

We make our teachers proud every day and are shining stars!

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Prime Areas of Learning


The children develop their physical skills through weekly PE lessons and access to our outdoor equipment.  We practise our fine motor skills through lots of fine motor and writing activities. 


 Listening to a range of stories and engaging in role play will aid the children in developing their skills of communication and language.


The curriculum will be tailored to the specific needs of the children in our care.  Each child develops at their own rate and will have unique strengths.  We will model and discuss a range of social and emotional issues to support all children in becoming well-rounded citizens.

Specific Areas of Learning


We master our maths skills by exploring a number a week.  This helps us to understand properties of shapes, develop calculation skills and explore space and measure. 


Exploring a range of stories will help children develop a love of reading.      Daily phonics lessons will teach children how to read and write.


The children will be aided to understand the world through a variety of hands on experiences. 

A weekly lesson will be delivered to teach key skills in using a range of technologies, for example a digital camera, a CD player and a computer.


The children will have daily access to a range of materials which they can use to create paintings, drawings and 3D models. Their imagination will be exercised through role play, storytelling, dance and art. 

‘The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it’







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