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Core and Non-Core Curriculum Overviews




At Brook Acre Primary School, the maths curriculum enables a framework for learning that can be personalised and responsive to the pupils within each cohort.  We utilise the NCETM Progression Maps (https://www.ncetm.org.uk/classroom-resources/progression-maps-for-key-stages-1-and-2/) as a basis to develop thinking within each topic area and draw upon various resources to support teaching, including White Rose.  The curriculum provides opportunity for children to regularly revisit skills taught so that they become fluent in these areas, mastering each concept as they move on to apply learning in different ways. The teaching of mathematics contextualises skills so that children can relate to how they would be used in their everyday lives.

Pupils at Brook Acre enjoy maths sessions and teaching staff work hard to ensure high levels of engagement and motivation, creating a culture of learning that celebrates questions and searches for evidence to support thinking.

We enable children to make rich connections so that they develop fluency, mathematical reasoning, and competency in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.  We promote a culture of taking risks and embracing challenge whilst developing perseverance and resilience skills. Staff use assessment opportunities to tackle misconceptions and give children relevant and constructive feedback in order to support future learning.  Manipulatives and mathematical representations are used, where appropriate, to scaffold and assist children when engaging with mathematical concepts.  Structured interventions and tasks then provide additional support and challenge.


In Science, children are able to predict and experiment to satisfy their curiosity. At Brook Acre we want to give children the chance to enjoy Science lessons! Clink on the link below to see our Science Curriculum.

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