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Trips and Visits

Recent Trips

Y1 Church Trip

On Thursday, as part of their RE curriculum, Year One went to church. This was their first time doing so and the first time one our amazing classes have been able to visit for a while.

Y1 Parent Workshop

Year One invited parents into class to see some of the amazing activies that our brilliant children partake in at Brook Acre. Here are some of their lovely comments...

Emir's grown up

"Everything went very well, enjoyed coming into school after a long time and spending time with the children. Thank you for having us!"

Elija's grown up

"It was just amazing to spend some time with Elija!"

Leja's grown up

"Really liked it! Lovely time together"


Georgia's grown up

"Very fun visit. It was lovely to see Georgia engaged in art - especially how independent she is. I'm very happy that I came!"

Elija's grown up

"It was just amazing to spend some time with Elija!"

Isaac's grown up

"Enjoyed interacting with the children and looking at their school work, classroom and their class friends!"


Here are some photos from the Year Six trip to North Wales. Active Hope, alongside Brook Acre staff, saw the children complete a variety of challenges that they will remember forever.

Here are some of the pictures from our amazing trip to Wales with Active Hope. The children took part in a range of fun activities, making memories that will last forever.

Previous Trips

The children at Brook Acre have experienced a wide range of trips which will enhance their cultural capital and give them a platform for an amazing future. Here are some of the experiences that the children have enjoyed.

Local Garden Centre(1)
Local Study - Our Town
Rock Climbing and Team Building
Music Extravaganza
Trip to the Shops
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