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Adventures await...


Teacher: Mrs O'Brien & Mr Stansfield

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Muse


In Year 4 we aim to advance our learning by having exciting, fun experiences, setting high expectations of each other and ourselves. We enjoy challenging ourselves and we look forward to discovering new learning experiences throughout the year. 


Our Learning Journeys

During our first term, our learning journey will be ‘Traders and Raiders.’ This looks at the period of history from the Anglo-Saxon invasion to the Norman conquest in 1066. We will explore our curriculum in a variety of different ways, ensuring children embed their learning securely.  During our history-based learning journey we will also link our geographical study of maps and enjoy designing and producing artefacts from history. 


Highlights of the term ahead include visits to:

Warrington Museum and the Pyramid Arts Centre
Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
Tatton Park
Padgate Academy High School
And many more!


Class Information

As a class we enjoy reading and encourage all children to read every night at home. 


PE coulds should be worn to schol on a day you are being taught PE.

A PE kit should consist of:

  • a red t-shirt
  • black shorts
  • pumps or trainers

In colder weather a black tracksuit can also be added.

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