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Teachers: Mr Murdoch

Teaching Assistants: Mrs White and Mrs Pagendam-Allen

Number of children: 30 children

Welcome to our class page. This is the place to come to discover what is going on in Year 5, you will be able to see our amazing work, exciting learning adventures and the fun that we are having in our class.

So far this year, Year 5 have been have had super year, making every minute count. We have brought the curriculum alive; we have learnt so much. Some highlights have included: Visiting Chester Zoo to see the effects of Palm Oil on the animals, creating and making our own pizzas at a high school, writing our own Viking inspired myths, conducting many investigations in science and expression ourselves when creating a space inspired dance.

Have a read through our Learning Journey booklet for the summer term to see what we have planned.

We are set to have a great last term and have some really exciting things planned and lots of new things to learn about. This term we are focusing on learning more about the world around us and how we can protect it. We will be looking at different life cycles and observing changes in some life cycles within our classroom. In addition, we will be creating natural wire sculptures and writing some fantastic nonfictional pieces of work! 

If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Things to remember:  

  • All children must have an indoor and outdoor kit in school every day in preparation for PE, as lessons may at held on different days. Please ensure they are in full kit and are dressed appropriately for the weather.
  • In Year 5, we are expecting the children to read at least 3 times a week. We will be asking the children to answer a question after they have read, to further develop their understanding of the text. This half term, we are asking the children to jot down a summary of what they have read in a sentence.
  • The children will take at least one reading book home at a time to read. I would recommend you listen to your child read, asking them questions about what they have read. As the more your child reads and explores different books, the more progress they will make this year.
  • Remember completing an activity on Reading Plus or Reading Eggs or counts as a read, if recorded in the child’s reading record.
  • Each half term, we will have a project-based homework all about our class novel, which will be set on teams. The children will have all whole term to complete this task and we will share on their learning on the final week of term.
  • In addition, Year 5 will be looking at becoming confident with basic mathematical fact and will be set maths tasks throughout the term to help build their fluency.  Through encouraging your child to go onto TT Rockstars or Hit the button, it will help develop their speed at recalling times table facts.
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