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Aspirations Week

 This week has been Aspirations’ Week throughout the school, where all the children have had the chance to find out about the different career options open to them in the future.  We have had lots of visitors this week, including Firemen, Police Officers, a Karate Tutor, a Swimming Teacher and Active Hope (‘Which Way Now’) who all came in to talk to the children about their jobs and the different activities they take part in.  All of our visitors were really helpful and the children asked them lots of interesting questions about their different jobs.  Many of the children have also been out and about, visiting a university, Tesco, the library, local shops and Beamont Collegiate Academy, digging deeper into various options that await them in the world of work. 


We really hope that this week will give our children an understanding of what they could aspire to in years to come, both in terms of further education and future careers, and that they will go on to realise their full potential and fulfil their aspirations for the future.  Have a look below to see a sample of what’s been happening this week!


Key Stage 1 ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ Assembly


On Monday in assembly, KS1 children had a special visitor from Co-op Funeral Directors to discuss how to keep safe near the roads.  The children engaged well and were fantastic at solving road safety problems and, in their opinion, the biggest road safety problem was grownups using mobile phones when crossing the road or driving!  Every child in school also received a ‘Be safe, Be Seen’ badge that reflects the light at night.


Year 1 – Year 6  Fire Service Assembly


On Tuesday, Year 6 children were visited by the Fire Service, who came to talk to them about fire safety and how to keep safe.  They talked to the children about how to prevent fires in the home and how to stay safe around bonfires and fireworks.  They even had their own “Fireman Sam” when Sam from Year 6 tried on their uniform and experienced what it would be like to wear the protective clothing that fire fighters wear.  The fire fighters also reminded the children about the importance of having smoke alarms fitted in their homes and the importance of checking these regularly.


Year 4’s Visit to Tesco Superstore


Year 4 children visited Tesco on Tuesday morning where they had the chance to peek behind the scenes and especially enjoyed a visit to the freezer!  They also found out about the many different roles at the store and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  The children’s behaviour was so impeccable that we received an email later that day from Tesco saying that many of their members of staff and customers had commented upon their great manners and sensible attitude around the store.  Well done, Year 4, for representing our school so beautifully!


Fiddlers Ferry


On Thursday, Year 6 children visited Fiddlers Ferry Power station to interview some people who work there.  They found out about the work that is carried out there which includes maintaining the cooking towers and mission control, environmental control and finance management.  Everyone came up with lots of interesting questions and found out all about the many different jobs.  The children also learned about how electricity is made, took a challenge to build their own pylon and then made a circuit.









Police in Foundation Stage


Also as part of Aspirations’ Week, the children in Foundation Stage received a visit from a police officer called Georgie.  She taught them about the role of police officers and all of the different jobs they do to help our community.  The children particularly enjoyed having their fingerprints taken!


Year 5’s Visit to Beamont Collegiate Academy


Year 5 children had a fantastic start to their Aspirations’ Week on Tuesday when they visited Beamont Collegiate Academy to take part in a medical Science Maverick’s day, where they put their fitness to the test. Children worked at different stations, recording their results and comparing them to professional athletes.  Some children even operated the latest technology, measuring heartbeats and examining their own muscles.  They were exposed to the many jobs in the scientific world.


Thank you to everyone who came into school this week to help with our Aspirations’ Week.  We really do appreciate the time and effort you have all put in to make this week a success and all your different contributions have really given the children a lot to think about!   

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